Those who want to go everyday then they should go, but those who don’t should be able to choose to stay at home. Perhaps students should have the My skin is not a crime shirt and I will buy this freedom to choose if they want to go to uni only when is necessary for practicals and exams. It’s not only work, many subjects in courses don’t need to be taught in person, only practical work in science and other areas requires you to be there physically on the day of the practical.

My skin is not a crime shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Been looking for a WFH job for years, sadly not very good options available as yet. For people who have self control, that is a better way to work, but for those who are not productive, it may be a disaster. I think working from home is not that bad, but it did have two sides. In addition, in at least a fifth of instances, the My skin is not a crime shirt and I will buy this people we marry we will have met at or through work. Working from home is the worst way to nurture upcoming talent in a business. As much as it’s a fantastic move for most, if people need mentoring and training.

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