How strong and great someone has to be to say this. Forgiveness’s bravery. That every human being should learn to forgive rather than revenge. Your voice best example of peace in the world. That’s a healthy Sloths pineapple shirt to losing a loved one. It comes from a combination of a belief that you’ll see your loved one again when your turn comes and a belief that it’s only by forgiveness that we can begin to mourn and move on. Even for this, locks us into a perpetual cycle of violence and despair.

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Forgiveness allows us to let go of hatred and focus on the future. You think his Sloths pineapple shirt is an abstract reaction then. This is the way a wise men handle situations. A wise me don’t just think of his current time but his future too. I hate him for a long distance. My condolences go to all those hurt by this brutal attack.

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What a bloke so forgiving after such drama happened to him and he lost his loved ones much respect to him sorry for his loss. How can a man not hate the killer of his Sloths pineapple shirt, a couple of days after? Forgiving can happen, but later. That’s too early for forgiveness. In my opinion. Played the race card as every minority does. You’re too naive to understand as he described in his statement.


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