Family wealth or no, this young woman decided to earn her Smiley I took my meds today shirt. I know a couple of wealthy families where no one works and instead live off their trust. This young woman perhaps had a little help, but the rest was up to her and she did it. That’s wonderful to me and I especially admire her work ethics and focus. She didn’t earn any of it. That’s like saying my parents set up a get rich quick scheme, then told me about it.

Smiley I took my meds today shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Smiley I took my meds today tank top Smiley I took my meds today sweater

I slapped my name on the account before it started making the Smiley I took my meds today shirt. It was expected to make. I get it, though. You probably made your money from borrowing family money, too. So you wanna feel like that means you’re self-made. But the fact is, only poor people can become self-made rich people. If you started out with a shoe in, you were basically given it.

Smiley I took my meds today hoodie

What I don’t understand is why the focus is on being self-made or not. She comes from a privileged family, but my focus is more on she’s finding her Smiley I took my meds today shirt. She’s not being a lazy person living off her family’s wealth. Even her sisters who have been in the business longer have accomplished nearly as much wealth as she has at such a young age. People can be given tools, but if they don’t use them then that’s on them. She has demonstrated her ability to use the tools she was given.


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