He easily demolished the Smudge lord Vintage Ok boomer shirt large bridges, and Obi-Wan Kenobi (RotS) was strangled and suffocated, and Obi-Wan was not a member of the force. But despite those incredible displays of strength and skill, I would argue that Dooku’s greatest area is in politics. He was able to gather almost half of GALAXY for his career. It is tens of thousands of planets and TRILLION of individuals. And he persuaded them to actively rebel against the standing government.

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Yes, the  Smudge lord Vintage Ok boomer shirt Republic has a good reason to rebel, but you can get many people to act drastically like this by being mediocre in politics. For who the worst Lord Sith is, I’ll nominate fools who are treated by a republican soldier. With a light sword, Windu. With force, Yoda. Vapaad’s Windu made him a nightmare for the dark demons to fight and he could master all seven forms of light saber to activate. Yoda also mastered them, but he was old. He can only use force to strengthen himself before his age increases.

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Technically, no. Yoda ‘baby is a concept, not a work. However, every element of Yoda Baby, a work is copyrighted: the Smudge lord Vintage Ok boomer shirt puppet used, scripts depicting anything he / she says, actual episodes, etc. Anything you can create immediately related to Baby Yoda, will be a derivative work of one or more of them, and therefore, may infringe copyright on those works.

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So right now, Baby Baby Yoda, there is no copyright, because it is an idea and people can copyright it. Right now, however, Baby Baby Yoda is protected by copyright, because everything you’ve ever seen is copyrighted. Because it’s the Smudge lord Vintage Ok boomer shirt adventure of a bounty hunter and his struggle, and it shows us a lot of the outside world, after the fall of the Empire, and the most important of all. , it has a cute baby !!! Baby Yoda is the real reason that it is so popular. He can’t help but like it, unless you have a heart made of stone. So yes, trips and The Baby make it a great show.

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