You do not get to speak for your fellow who must rightly be outraged by this Songoku driving Jeep shirt attack on them. You do most certainly not speak for the foreign nationals who have been killed and maimed in visiting this country that adherents of a religion that commits these atrocities over and over again. I think all those who were victimized by this crime.

Songoku driving Jeep shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Songoku driving Jeep sweater Songoku driving Jeep tanktop

If you say you are people will understand but do you really need to address you with race and religion? I just wanted to make the Songoku driving Jeep shirt even though my faith is different. It’s us all who suffer and we all trying to put an equal effort to stop this madness hand in hand. We need positive international attention.

Songoku driving Jeep hoodie

I think you are probably right but the Songoku driving Jeep shirt won’t say it until it’s been confirmed to be the case as a responsible media outlet should. Even if it gets confirmed the media won’t name them because they are best at appeasement. The media would go ballistic. Consider the slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday and reflect on the supine silence from the politicians.


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