I agree with you there, but that was only the Sunflower I hate people shirt. There are options for people able and willing, excluding of course people with extreme circumstances. I’m somebody who has done the exact thing I’m saying, through hard work. Just seems sometimes that people don’t want to do that. I mean complaining you can’t retire in your 30’s because minimum wage doesn’t pay enough, is hardly a great start.

Sunflower I hate people shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Sunflower I hate people tank top Sunflower I hate people sweater

This is why people will always be broke. Too stupid to do anything about the Sunflower I hate people shirt. The fact is if you want different then start making different choices. Balance is key, you can’t invest everything, you need some liquid cash to enjoy life. Yeah, unemployment might be at a low, but that’s because it counts people working multiple 0-hour contracts jobs, as multiple people in work, rather than 1 person in 3 jobs.

Sunflower I hate people hoodie

However, if you’re a family who is thousands of dollars in credit card debt and you’re taking your kids on vacations, you’re getting nowhere very fast. That sure doesn’t help. But I’ve found so many of my friends can’t stay within their Sunflower I hate people shirt, and they don’t even know to do a proper yearly budget. I’m not just a proud full-time mummy but I work too. You, however, are still a dick.


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