I get what you mean. But it’s isn’t the Sunflower nurse shirt to blame for. It’s the weak government security and loopholes who the poachers take benefit. In India, they pay poachers hefty fee and bribe officials to oversee hunting too. Also, mind you the poachers are always the natives of that country. The amazing creature is wonderful that she like, unlike many others, actually managed to survive into old age.

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I’ve got something in my eye. We lost this beautiful creature. For those commenting without reading the Sunflower nurse shirt. She died of natural causes and an English photographer managed to capture photographs of her before she died. She wasn’t killed by poachers. She passed away shortly afterwards 18 months ago with ongoing drought in the area contributing to her ailing health.

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People are implying. She’s the last one due to so much poaching. Which is a very stark reality in our Sunflower nurse shirt now. I agree it’s terribly sad. I just meant that in her particular case, she was fortunate to die of old age. The poachers are the reason. She’s the last one with huge tusks.


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