Fair play to this gentleman. He’s more forgiving than I would be, I would not be happy until the person that killed any of my Sunflower weed shirt suffered the same fate. It amazes me how people can have such compassion and forgiveness. I just wouldn’t be able to shake the hatred and anger inside of me if I was in his shoes. Forgiveness for people we do not think to deserve to get it. It’s the hardest thing to do but it heals the pain in our heart and saves the world from hate crimes.

Sunflower weed shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Sunflower weed tank top Sunflower weed sweater

How beautiful Islam is Allah says in the Quran. The most powerful amongst you is the one who forgives others and the most crowd is the Sunflower weed shirt to take or think of revenge. That is why besides all those propaganda against Islam. Islam is the world fastest growing religion across the globe. These are the people who we should look up to. this is heart touching.

Sunflower weed sweater

I know you do man for sure don’t worry. I’m not worried brother. If only everyone had this blokes Sunflower weed shirt. That courage, such a strong man with such a pure. This is called true believers and followers of Sunnah. Forgiving is the main element of our deen. May Allah guide him and other people who think killing people makes them great in front of Allah. What a beautiful man.


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