Great man great soul with a beautiful heart. If only there were a few more people like you in the world. my deepest condolences! You Supreme The supremes shirt I have watched since your first street-side interview, may you find peace. So sorry for the things you have seen and for the loss of your wife. What he has 10 more so losing one isn’t that bad. All groups are a threat to others. Revenge doesn’t solve the problems. It’s all about peace. Let’s pray for the victims and victims families.

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Forgiveness is the real act of life, revenge is not a solution, hat of to you. What a great person he is I would never ever forgive someone who hurts my family forgets the killing. May God grant Supreme The supremes shirt to your wife and you. He forgives the killer for personal reasons. Otherwise, no human can forgive a child killer. Such a powerful speech.

Supreme The supremes hoodie

I wish I could meet him and then I will go live and will take those innocents soul’s revenge. An act of Supreme The supremes shirt is met with hatred and judgment. Humanity went down the drain a long time ago, compassion has been replaced with vitriolic hatred and those spouting it should feel ashamed, if they are capable of feeling anything that is.


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