Some people are just so loving. I would hope that I would be that kind of person and I do believe I would be, but that doesn’t take away the Tats and cats shirt, sadness and forever grieving the loss. We see such evil and bad on media, television and don’t see much of this kind of love that could possibly help so many people to see. It is possible to forgive even in the worse circumstances. He must have not in loved with his wife. That’s what I thought. Or maybe already long before he wants to leave his wife but he may hard time to get a divorced.

Tats and cats shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Tats and cats tank top Tats and cats sweater

He’s just trying to stop further attacks like this happening. He’s using his Tats and cats shirt to try and stop more hate. Fair play to the man and it was brave! What an incredible man. You can genuinely feel his words are true. This is no pretense. Hate can’t be in love for humanity salute you. We deeply shocked by his wife died.

Tats and cats hoodie

He is my countryman. He is sick and moving by wheelchair. His wife takes care of him. May Allah give him the strength to spend this remaining life. If it wasn’t for religion this might not have happened in the first place. The Tats and cats shirt was corrupted by religion to become a fanatic. I never believe anyone who says they love the person who murders their partner.


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