He created you and has all the Team diaz lifetime member shirt to take you in any way he pleases. Our dumb forefathers certainly did a number on these African nations. God never asked us to build a plane and fly against our nature of design. Now, who is accountable? Stick to basics stop blaming God. How is God the cause of this when the aeroplane is designed by a man?

Team diaz lifetime member shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Team diaz lifetime member tank top Team diaz lifetime member sweater

Besides that God’s story does not make any sense, nobody saw god ever. Why will it be? Just think a little by yourselves and you will realise this is the Team diaz lifetime member shirt. I mean God took them to an eternity of paradise, so that’s not all bad. Ever consider that death is more painful to the living than dead? Whenever you are looking for answers to questions in life.

Team diaz lifetime member hoodie

Just open the pages of that book. There you will find your Team diaz lifetime member shirt instantly. Guaranteed! In my country, they put your baby in a microwave to get you to tell them where the money is. Boiling water is used as they torture the whole family then murder them. What God would let this happen? You keep blessing people if it strokes your tiny ego.


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