It is a Team Spartan shirt rigorous education and training program entrusted to all male Spartan citizens except the firstborn son in rulers. The training involves fostering loyalty to the Spartan group, military training (, hunting, dancing, singing and social preparation. In our current medical knowledge, they are almost impossible. However, Halo is set in 2500. It has 500 years from now. The increase described for Spartan-II seems to be possible. One of the increases is a platinum capsule implanted into the Thyriod gland to help speed up puberty.

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If we try to reproduce the  Team Spartan shirt Spartan-II increase today, the patient will probably die, although if we reduce the increase, we may have a slightly superior human. Not a Spartan by any measure. Of course, the rise of Spartan is immoral, seeing what children are like and being kidnapped and trained from age 6 to become the perfect soldier. Genetics, training and willpower play the most important role in creating a Spartan in Halo, even Master Chief acknowledges that.

Team Spartan tank top

tank top

He said that Corporal Locklear, who survived ODST in the destruction of Alpha Halo, was no different from him. He doesn’t have the armor, training or discipline of a Spartan, but he has the Team Spartan shirt courage and the will to survive. Now, Spartan-III is mostly chemical, not physical enhancement. We have a better chance of recreating these things, because they require a less invasive surgery. Now we will have to improve a lot of our drugs to get the same result, but that could be a bit much in our world. Gamma Spartans has a trio of illegal drugs (in UNSC) injected into them.

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One of them allowed the Team Spartan shirt Spartans to overcome the mental barrier of the mind under intense stress, and continue fighting despite severe injuries. A Spartan, Dante, has enough energy to limp with his CO, greet him and tell him, I think I had a nickname before I died. I won talking about Spartan-IV because I didn’t like them, but in short, they were chemically enhanced. Only drugs and other chemicals are safe, even compared to Spartan-III. They also lack the illegal drugs used in the Gamma III Company.


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