They used an egg donor and I carried the Thanos Bill Belichick shirt to term. The baby was never meant to know the egg donor and if the family decides to tell them that’s up to them. Genetics don’t make a family and if you feel lost because of it that’s your feeling and not everyone’s. My husband doesn’t know his biological dad but has an adopted dad and he’s not missing anything.

Thanos Bill Belichick shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Thanos Bill Belichick tanktop Thanos Bill Belichick sweater

Have you asked the baby how he or she feels? No seriously, I know you can’t ask a baby and that is the Thanos Bill Belichick shirt. The baby got no say. The couple you gave away a baby too a baby that is partly yours had no say in how it was brought into this world. How do you know that when or if they find out they won’t feel betrayed, confused, scared or any variation of emotions.

Thanos Bill Belichick hoodie

Since the baby wasn’t partly mine it shouldn’t care about me. I’m gonna guess they’re glad they can exist instead of not exist. You feel abandoned but that’s not how Thanos Bill Belichick shirt is. I don’t feel abandoned. I didn’t say that! The adoption wound is far more complicated than that. I disagree with you and so do a certain scientific study.


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