Many people often mistake Strongbow for alcohol or beer. But actually, Strongbow is a Trick or Strongbow ghost Halloween shirt drink originating from Europe, called cider. Cider is an alcoholic beverage, fermented from apples. Cider has been popular worldwide for hundreds of years. The difference between cider and other alcoholic beverages is due to the attractive flavor, pure yeast from nature. Strongbow is one of the famous apple cider brands in the world, originating from England. By keeping the sweet, seductive taste of apple glaze, Strongbow has brought many new experiences to users.

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Strongbow offers many choices with attractive and unique flavors such as the Trick or Strongbow ghost Halloween shirt original Apple, Red Strawberry, Elder Flower, Honey so you can experience the best of nature. Strong gold. This is Strongbow’s original apple flavor with sweet sweetness and cool apple finish. Strong honey. Honey with a delicate blend of apples, honey, and floral scents, refreshed with fruit and sweet honey. Primrose. Combining the sweetness of apples and the smell of fresh Elderflowers, Strongbow Elderflower gives you a soothing flavor and a refreshing feeling.

Trick or Strongbow ghost Halloween tank top

tank top

Strongbow Red Berry. This is arguably the Trick or Strongbow ghost Halloween shirt most passionate passion flavor of Strongbow. Combine pomegranate, raspberry, lychee. The sweetness of red berries blends with the acidity and sourness of apples to quench your thirst. Although sweet, easy to drink, Strongbow is actually an alcoholic, fermented beverage with a slight alcohol content of 4.5% to 5%. Compared to beer with an alcohol content of 4.5% -6%, wine has an alcohol content of 12.5% ​​.14.5%, rice wine from 18% molasses 20%, vodka from 35% 50% 50%, Strongbow Low alcohol content.

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Exchanges, meals when you need a Trick or Strongbow ghost Halloween shirt a bit of alcohol to create the atmosphere but keep it. conscious. However, if you drink too much, you will forget the way home. To ensure a unique, distinct and smooth taste, Strongbow products do not use preservatives. Just open the bottle and you can use immediately. Strongbow tastes better when used cold, you can add ice, chilled on refrigerators or refrigerators specializing in preserving drinks. Poor drinkers can choose 1-2 bottles of Strongbow as a drink for parties, entertainment.

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