We have been literally theĀ Trump and Mike Pence Space force shirt cancer spread. Trump corrupts every educational institution and does NOT lack AWESOME from those around him. Whether government or private industry, the top individual must have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform the job. Trump went bankrupt seven businesses. He has / is lacking training and legal experience. If he really did get an MBA, he might have attended two semesters of Business Law. He has no government experience. Then the issue of international experience …

Trump and Mike Pence Space force tank top

tank top

TheĀ  Trump and Mike Pence Space force shirt blue Senate in November is very likely to throw Trump out of office at the same time Especially with both college and Senate elections that require winning in many states (because all states have 2 Senators, of course). For example, Cory Gardner in Colorado is considered a vulnerable Republican. It was hard for me to imagine Colorado not turning green against Trump if Gardner was launched in November. What this means for the rest of us remains unclear. There will be an election in November, and an emerging Trump will probably erect many criminal plots to cheat in them.

Trump and Mike Pence Space force sweater, hoodie



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