You present at every single voting booth personally interviewing every single voter. Indeed many who voted to leave genuinely believed that the U.S.P.S scan this shirt would be better off economically speaking and so voted to leave. We are all now informed by those same people. We were mistaken. The electorate voted on false promises. Funny to see all the moaners telling. Leave voters what they voted for.
It was made really clear what voting.

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It is also the only way to not have to pay them, not have to do what they say and to end free movement. Those in charge said they wanted the U.S.P.S scan this shirt and stay closely aligned, but controlling borders. Do you really have that poor memory? We didn’t all vote to leave the EU and those who did, surely didn’t vote for no-deals if they knew the consequences. Even after all this time the sheer stupidity of some comments on here never fails to demonstrate their ignorance.

U.S.P.S scan this hoodie

They need to let the people re-vote. They had no clue what they were voting for the first time around. If the U.S.P.S scan this shirt can’t agree with a way forward then it should be referred back to the people with more detailed referendum questions on the Brexit deal or remaining in the EU and negotiating better terms. Of course, there’s going to be a last-minute twist that’s why we haven’t heard her plans.


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