After being tired of doing the same Unicorn sunflower shirt for 50 years without result, she decided to do something different. She is ignorant, but not stupid. What kind of ignorance is this? Anyway, I just thank God she didn’t die. That’s some god tier stupidity right there. They should slap on a Trump endorsement and solve America’s biggest problem. So more assumptions now we know it doesn’t work that way. Some sperm would have prevented it instead.

Unicorn sunflower shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Unicorn sunflower tank top Unicorn sunflower sweater

Somehow, when stupid people find the Unicorn sunflower shirt, they keep digging deeper. Too much fruit can be harmful as it is full of fruit sugar. I went on a fruit free diet a few years ago and was very healthy except I lost too much weight. Why doesn’t she just eat fruit but our indigenous ones? Only a woman would do this.

Unicorn sunflower hoodie

When you take a moment to actually think about the fact that this woman believed this to be a good idea, it’s genuinely concerning. If only there was some Unicorn sunflower shirt to get fruit juice into your body. People don’t trust vaccinations but will inject apples. I’m trying to cleanse my body after three straight nights of binge drinking.


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