I’m even planning to do Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt myself in a few years time at the tail end of my career. I’m interested to know why you think it’s about survival. When we in the country have the option to do just one job if we wish. Goodchild with the emphasis on young and healthy. This is not a way to live as one gets older. I have experience of gig economy unreliable and not consistent with making sure you have a pension.

Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls tanktop Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls sweater

I note you say when you ending your career so you have had a reg income. I guess the Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt and patterns are from a hobby. Nowhere did it say she was forced to work four jobs. She also left a job as a teacher to do this so why should anyone feel sorry for her? She has made her choice and is doing it her way. Except slashes are about doing it because they enjoy it, not because they have to.

Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls hoodie

It’s an article about choice and some people choose to work more than one job. Some people do choose to do it, but I should imagine that most people do it because they have no choice. The Ursula Poor Unfortunate souls shirt I find raging about hours worked are the lazy ones. I would love to be allowed to work more, a bit of over time.


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