You’re being willfully Viking toothless dragon shirt, those jobs were lost due to the oil crash and our inability to get our oil to new markets. Harper had a decade and a majority government and didn’t get a single new pipeline built that would expand our export market to other areas outside of the states. This is me being serious is it me or are things happening can I see this.

Viking toothless dragon shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Viking toothless dragon tanktop Viking toothless dragon sweater

If it’s me please tell me cause I think worldwide something big is happening. Be fair to me I live alone I got the Viking toothless dragon shirt easy for someone like me to go mental. Something is happening now its nearly every country in the world politics has gone mental. I’m happy to say what I see and if I’m wrong please someone tell me I’m going nuts.

Viking toothless dragon hoodie

What the Viking toothless dragon shirt he broke the law and there is a big cover-up, you can always blame him as he does though. I live in Ottawa and I happen to know a lot how government works. Keep your stereotypes to yourself. You probably made your great assumption about me, based on my name. What makes you think I would comment without listening.


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