You are absolutely right no one can save you when you are in problem even if you have the Vintage Namastay High AF shirt with you except. God is the one who created you first place and only God can save you. Let’s go back to the good ole days when the bible was law and women were burned as witches. How I miss the dark ages. Wish people would stop spouting god garbage. All the child molesting vicars, priests.

Vintage Namastay High AF shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Vintage Namastay High AF tank top Vintage Namastay High AF sweater

Personally believe religion does more harm than good! We all have the Vintage Namastay High AF shirt so I appreciate your efforts. I’m pretty sure when you’re really ill you go to the doctors and not the church, if you do then you’re not very religious are you. Believing that someone else, regardless if imaginary or real, can save you will not help.

Vintage Namastay High AF hoodie

Just get the Vintage Namastay High AF shirt, work the same I think. Why is it god can see me masturbate but fails to see the priests raping kids? You are as useful as all the other 2500 imaginary deities. There is nothing in God. Who is God? If there was a God then my granddaughter wouldn’t have died last July, why would anyone die? You are talking utter rubbish.


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