I had this awful habit of accidentally biting my lip every time I studied or watched a Weed Lips not today bitch T-shirt movie or sat alone thinking, so it was basically 24 * 7. I never realized my lips. How ugly it looked to the outside world until I started to see this horrible dark line form on my lips when the bitten skin was replaced with a new one. It’s similar to how you never realize you’ve gained weight until you find yourself in the photo or don’t fit into casual clothes. As if the habit wasn’t enough.

Weed Lips not today bitch tank top

Weed Lips not today bitch T-tank top

tank top

I also tended to lick my lips a lot, in hopes of making them look brighter and rosier (WHAT HAVE I HEARDED ???). This amazing habit keeps my saliva saturated on my lips all the time and dries them up. In turn, turning them even darker. When I started to get depressed due to poor lip condition, I had a great idea of ​​always covering them in lip balm (Yes, even when I sleep!). Needless to say, the  Weed Lips not today bitch T-shirt chemicals do not work well for my lips because they actually suck their life and moisture.

Weed Lips not today bitch sweater, hoodie

Weed Lips not today bitch T-sweater


Weed Lips not today bitch T-hoodie


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