For this, careful mapping of the Weed Stoner Chick shirt and I love this face utilizes figure-drawing techniques: Hungry measures and marks with grease paint atop a base layer of foundation. The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation provides a “beautiful product and a nice alternative to the thick layer I might paint for long shows.” Once a framework is in place, Hungry begins filling in with metallic pigments. “I am obsessed with the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, and am using the Perlina one in almost each of my looks!” Hungry enthuses of the opalescent white hue. And since “good liners are vital for my eye illusions,” Inglot’s black and white AMC Eyeliner Gel formulas are kit staples. After applying “face-opening” black novelty lenses, and false lashes on cheekbones for further optical distortion, Hungry’s ultra-chic natural mullet is covered with a fitted hood showcasing a cotton-candy-light spray of teased hair. Today’s “successful ’80s businesswoman” character offers up lamé power shoulders, luxurious lengths of draped satin, and two shades of “sensible court shoes.”

Weed Stoner Chick shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Taking the Weed Stoner Chick shirt and I love this train to Borchardt Restaurant for a schnitzel dinner means enjoying a cinematic stroll through the city. “One of the first words that I learned the meaning of in Berlin was just irrelevance,” says Hungry. “A lot of the reactions I get are just not relevant to my life.” At this point, it’s white noise. In order to challenge expectations and grow, the focus has shifted to those who can appreciate unexpected forms of beauty and innovation. “Getting to work with such inspiring and established artists has been the most joyous experience of my career so far,” Hungry notes. “Sharing and exchanging ideas and visions with people you truly admire for what they bring to the world is a brilliant way to widen one’s horizons.”


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