Liverpool had a fantastic match, a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspurs to help Jurgen Klopp’s teachers bring the We’ve done it LIV #SixTime 2019 shirt sixth Champions League. Title to the Anfield team and close their extremely successful season. Liverpool is naturally better rated for their excellent form this season, they will head to the sixth Champions League cup in the history of the team and to have a beautiful ending in an extremely successful season of they. Meanwhile, Tottenham is ahead of history when this is the first time they have participated in the final match of this arena. Both teams also welcomed the important returns of Roberto Firmino and Harry Kane.

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And when the new ball rolled for a few dozen seconds. Liverpool benefited from the We’ve done it LIV #SixTime 2019 shirt first ball. Moussa Sissoko made a mistake by letting the ball touch Sadio Mane’s pass, the referee immediately pointed at 11m. Mohamed Salah stepped up to make a penalty, the Egyptian striker made no mistake to beat Hugo Lloris in the opening goal. Of course, Tottenham didn’t give up when the game was nearly 90 minutes old, they speed up the pace of attack with Son Heung-min’s dynamism but with a high concentration.

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The defense of Liverpool is quite easy to break the waves to the We’ve done it LIV #SixTime 2019 shirt ball in front of area 16m50. After about 20 minutes of play, the two teams actively reduce the game speed to play more firmly. Mauricio Pochettino’s students did not play well when passing the ball while constantly putting the ball to the wrong address, while on the opposite side, Liverpool seemed to stuff the ball with two wings to make the early passes for the players. The forward striker runs the face cut.

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There was not much time or space for the We’ve done it LIV #SixTime 2019 shirt players to handle the ball before making a decision, the ball was rotated continuously but most were in the midfield. Kop put the match at his disposal with Play slowly and wait for the opponent’s mistake. 37 minutes, Andrew Robertson ice as a formula car before a left-foot shot, but the save of the save with only the fingers of Lloris was saved for Tottenham. Klopp’s army created a match that gave them more chances when fixed situations kept appearing.

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