So far, every hero’s rebirth is male. It is the What if link was a girl shirt link that is an established girl that only female members of the Hyrule Royal Family can possess the Tri-Force of Wisdom, but has never clearly defined that the Hero must be a male bond. is female. So, theoretically, a Link could be a woman if the link was a girl born from Hylian parents whom the Goddesses deemed worthy.

What if link was a girl tank top

But for whatever reason, Nintendo still hasn’t experimented with a heroine. So I suppose that doesn’t answer the question. What would happen if Nintendo turned the protagonist of the next Zelda game to the What if link was a girl shirt female reincarnation of Link? She can still be named Link, but for the most part nothing will change except for the parts of the story. For example, a lot of time, Link is often favored by female characters whether it’s all of them in Ocarina of Time.

What if link was a girl tank top

tank top

Zelda in Skyward Sword or Mipha in Breath of the What if link was a girl shirt Wild. I think it’s possible they will keep this and give our female characters the same love we see. There is also Gerudo, who will be more than welcome with a Female Link and I think it would be a pretty good concept for them to explore. But, if not, nothing has changed. The gender link changes very little to the overall story.

What if link was a girl sweater, hoodie

What if link was a girl sweater


What if link was a girl hoodie


But in the What if link was a girl shirt context of legends, it would greatly str eamline to Hero of Hyrule becoming a link being a girl at some point. So that’s an obstacle that Nintendo doesn’t have. Link is a girl you want to marry memorize books. That’s great! I find it difficult to find many people my age who are reading books. I have read your entire story via the posted link. Based on what you have to say, it seems like the link is a girl that doesn’t make rumors about you stalking her. You are really following her. Finally, you comment, if she is really scared then why didn’t she tell the teachers.

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