How about giving kids a You will always be my person shirt of spending money for when they are coming home from school? Will they have to be issued with cards too? Our window cleaner won’t be too happy either! We transfer money from people to people instantly nowadays. The banks have changed. We send a bill, payment reminders, split bills and run tabs out of our phones. It should scare every person when we become a cashless society.

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The banks would then have 100% control over your money and decide how much you can have. Watch out for that You will always be my person shirt. It’s coming if we don’t all stand together worldwide. Agreed once a society goes cashless all the power is held by the banks and governments. Agree with their policies no credit for you until you change your mind. Total control of a person. Until the card machine goes wrong, as happened in our local florist a short while ago.

You will always be my person hoodie

I was sheepishly asked if I had any cash! Our local newsagent is often having problems with the You will always be my person shirt! I’d like t see paying for ice cream with card pisses me off when they pay by card for a few pounds. Holding people up. You don’t pay cash for it. I don’t get it .on a plus shop will still take cash. They are closing fast cost. People aren’t spending they say card or cash. Just news again found something t upset people about feel for old people that’s all they know cash.


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