It’s all over my Yasiel Puig the wild horse shirt on the morning news. It’s a strong response. It’s not fishy. They are trying to prevent the loss of any lives. The girl is a Schrodinger’s cat apparently, she can be at any school at any time? No one is reporting it. It’s on all major news networks and local. If you read articles she was dropped off on foothills, that’s pretty close and my daughter’s friends live there.

Yasiel Puig the wild horse shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Yasiel Puig the wild horse tanktop Yasiel Puig the wild horse sweater

I am a teacher and a parent in the schools and it is a hot Yasiel Puig the wild horse shirt. I am so tired of this. My preschooler and twin 1st graders had to go through a live drill this past fall. They give the younger kids lollipops to keep them quiet from a shooter. It makes me sick to my stomach that this is so normalized here. Thank you for loving our children while they are with you.

Yasiel Puig the wild horse hoodie

It should never be expected of you to have to protect our Yasiel Puig the wild horse shirt. Every educator I know would though. I hope they find her. It’s amazing how one person can stop everything in its tracks. I believe weed doesn’t make you violent, even I know that. That’s an ignorant thing to say.


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