Since We’re Redeffining Everything This Is A Coroless Hole Puncher Gun shirt

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The Seattle Storm Women’s Professional Basketball team is a professional basketball team based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2000, the Storm has the third most championships of any WNBA franchise.Seattle Storm You Can Still Get An AbortionSeattle is a cosmopolitan coastal city with an international flavor, and yet it retains a small-town vibe. It’s also home to one of America’s best live music scenes—and one of the country’s more liberal attitudes about abortion access. With its large population of artists and nightlife regulars, this Pacific Northwest city has been historically safe for people to have late-term abortions. But even so, recent legislation from the state’s Republican-led legislature has caused many to worry that their local access will be jeopardized.

As an elected member of parliament, I am deeply concerned about the state of the mental health system in Victoria.I believe that our mental health services need urgent reform and investment.Dan Andrews has been Premier for three years, and there are no signs of progress.Only we have a plan to fix it.